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DVD - UK Seminar - 3 DVD Set

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DVD 1: U.K. Wing Chun Association hosts Erik Paulson. Filmed in 2003.

This DVD features over 40 drills / techniques including: 1. How to clinch. 2. Defense against kicking. 3. Defense against striking. 4. Setting up triggers. 5. Setting up bait. 6. Throwing Garbage. 7. Takedowns. 8. Finish Techniques. 9. Ground Skill Work. 10. Repping out the drills. 11. Explanation of Joint vs. Muscle locks. 12. Rolling. Running Time: 2 Hours 8 Minutes

DVD 2: Erik Paulson U.K. Seminar #2. Filmed in 2003.

This DVD features 14 sections including: STX Kickboxing, Conditioning, Thai pad drills, Rapid fire kicking, Groundwork, Punching from the guard, Ab work, Cross body attacks.

Bonus Footage: Grappling footage from Erik’s February 2002 CSW seminar in Woodbridge, VA. Running Time: 54 Minutes

DVD 3: Erik Paulson U.K. Seminar #3. Filmed in 2003.

This DVD features 3 sections with a total of over 52 drills / techniques: Section 1: Conditioning for the Core, Neck, Back, Glutes, Legs, Chest, Shoulders, Jaw, and Chin. Section 2: Boxing: Offensive and Defensive combinations and speed drills. Punching from the clinch. Section 3: Ground Work: Controlling the Guard, Standing up from the guard, Guard sweep setups, Leg passes. Running Time: 57 Minutes