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DVD - Stephan Kesting's Yoga For Martial Arts

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This workout is a self-contained introduction to the art of Yoga, designed specifically to meet the needs of the modern martial artist. Learn the stretches, breathing exercises and underlying principles that are making Yoga a necessity for serious martial artists everywhere. Improve your flexibility, strengthen your body, increase your energy and master your breathing.

Each stretch is presented in detailed with easy to follow instructions, shown from multiple angles for maximum clarity. Beginner and more advanced variations are demonstrated to ensure both safety and challenge for all levels of students. The DVD includes a menu for easy navigation and a special section on the benefits of Yoga for martial arts.

This workout was carefully designed by Stephan Kesting and Josephine Krizovensky (a skilled Yoga instructor). The focus of this video is the development of hip, back and leg flexibility, core strengthening and using breathing techniques to help you relax and focus.

Grapplers who do some form of Yoga include:

  • Rickson Gracie
  • Murilo Bustamante
  • Wallid Ismael
  • Ricardo Liborio
DVD Specifications:
  • Arranged into 5 sections - do any section by itself or combine them into a 69 minute workout.
  • Professionally mastered and duplicated
  • Professionally filmed and edited on digital video
  • Full menu and chapter marks for easy navigation