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DVD - Greg Nelson's Muay Thai Fundamentals - 2 DVD Set

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Greg Nelson's Muay Thai Fundamentals - 2 DVD Set.

Featuring Nat McIntyre.

Greg Nelson & Nat McIntyre are two of the best Muay Thai instructors in the United States. In this two DVD set you will learn the fundamental techniques to get you started on your Muay Thai journey. If you are a member of the TBA (Thai Boxing Association USA), you won't want to miss this material. Ajarn Greg & Nat show you exactly what Ajarn Chai is looking for in a good Muay Thai student! Footage from some of Nat McIntyre's fights is included to show you the techniques working in real time in real fights!

Punches - Kicks - Elbows - Knees - Pad Holding - Mitt Holding - Ram Muay (ceremony) - Strategy - Respect