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DVD - Greg Nelson's Clinch - 5 DVD Set

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 Clinch 1

This dvd is divided into five sections and each technique is broken down in great detail for you!


Section 1: Basic Positioning. Learn the basic positions and how to manipulate and control your opponent to set you up to score with your knees.

Section 2: Arm Weaving. Learn five techniques to counter the head & neck grab.

Section 3: Learn four types of knee strikes to help you launch an effective attack.

Section 4: Positioning & Knee Counters: Learn eight techniques to set you up to control your opponent’s movements and counter his knee strikes.

Section 5: Takedowns & Throws: Learn ten techniques for countering straight and curve knees. Greg will show you how to trip and collapse your opponent every time he attempts to strike you with his knee.

Running Time Approx. 60 min.

Clinch 2

This dvd is divided into five sections and each technique is broken down in great detail for you.


Section 1: Inside Neck Control Counters. Learn eight techniques to deal with an opponent who has a tight, close grip on your neck.

Section 2: Side Control Counters. Hip Pop to: Knee, Headlock, Side Throw, Putar Kepala.

Section 3: Learn two techniques to counter the double under-arm grab.

Section 4: Thai Pad Drills. Learn six thai pad drills to train your striking accuracy, power, and flow.

Section 5: Clinching. This section is where Greg puts it all together and shows you how to flow. Free flow clinching (prumb in Muay Thai) is shown. Greg will show you the most effective way to train for the clinch safely and efficiently.

Running Time Approx. 60 min. 

Clinch 3 - Two DVDs for the price of one!

Greg Nelson is one of the best MMA coaches in the world. He has worked with notable fighters such as Brock Lesnar, Sean Sherk, Jacob Volkmann, Nik Lentz, just to name a few! He is also a CSW Affiliate and fully certified by Erik Paulson. His credentials are too many to list here. You want this guy’s material! He’s one of the best coaches in the business. Train well!


Clinch – Volume 3 Part 1

Introduction – Pummeling – Lateral Movement – Off-Balancing – Head & Neck – Arm Drag – Re-Drag – Elbow Control – Duck Under – Scoop – Slide By – Review – Underhook – Lead With Elbow – Elbow Up – Elbow Down

Clinch – Volume 3 Part 2

Midline – Side High Clinch – Law Enforcement Application – Ring Strategy – Underhook Summary – Overhook

Clinch 4

Introduction – Front Headlock Review – Double Underhook – Body Lock – Double Underhook Ground – Underhook Counters – 50-50 – Conclusion

Clinch 5 - The Sources

Want to know where a lot of the Clinch material at The Academy comes from? Look no further. Coach Greg Nelson takes you through a 90 minute course that will jump your clinch game to the next level.

Two of Greg Nelson's students/fighters at The Academy in Minnesota are Jacob Volkmann and Saul Mitchell. Both of these men are professional fighters and they KNOW what they are doing! This isn't theory. This stuff has been battle tested, over and over. Jacob Volkmann is an NCAA Champion Wrestler and UFC Fighter. Saul Mitchell is a professional fighter who has spent many years fighting in Thailand and has had bare knuckle fights in Burma.

Coach Nelson laid the foundation with Clinch 1 - 4 and now you will see the finer points of the clinch by two of the best. You'll see how a smooth wrestler, Jacob Volkmann, moves in the opening scene. We shot a little bit of fight practice on just another normal day at The Academy in Minnesota. Watch how smoothly he transitions from position to position.

Section 1 features Jacob Volkmann and Greg Nelson. Jacob focuses heavily on the underhook position and shows 10+ variations of setups and counters. Awesome demonstrations by Jacob and great commentary by Greg bring this game together.

Section 2 features Saul Mitchell and Greg Nelson. Saul goes over the finer points of the Muay Thai / NHB style clinch. You'll see 20+ variations of setups and counters including footwork, knees, takedowns, tie-ups, and positioning. Greg adds some great insight to playing the game professionally as well. It's some great advice by guys who have done this for a living. They even touch on how to keep a proper attitude toward your training and fighting.

Round out your clinch game with Clinch 5 - The Sources. You'll be throwing everyone around during your training sessions and they won't know what hit them. This stuff is that good. If you are a professional fighter, this material is a must. The clinch position happens all the time and you should know what to do when you get there.

**Includes a bulleted list of all chapters and content on the DVD. Put the DVD in your computer's DVD drive and you can copy or print the outline for your notebook and take it to the gym with you for reference.