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DVD - CSW Student Level 6 - 10

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CSW Student Level 6 - 10 DVDs - These are your requirements to test for Coach Level 2 under Sensei Erik Paulson. This is advanced submission material and is intended for the student who is ready to go further in their martial arts journey, and they build on the foundation you developed in Levels 1 - 5. In Erik Paulson's system, the belt equivalent in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu would be Purple to Brown.

Each DVD contains an outline of the curriculum for you to print and put in your notebook. *You will need to load the DVD into your computer to retrieve the outline. Downloadable versions are available as well.




CSW Student Level 6

Running Time: 1 Hour 13 Minutes


Volume 6 focuses on the Butterfly Guard, X Guard, and Standing vs. Ground. There are 7 main areas of focus with well over 37 variations. Prepare for a true submission master class.


Butterfly Guard Long Range Entries Butterfly Guard Sweeps X Guard Sweeps Standing vs. Ground Leg Sweeps Standing vs. Ground Leg Attacks Free Flow Butterfly Guard Template




CSW Student Level 7

Running Time: 56 Minutes


Volume 7 focuses on the Butterfly Guard, Active Guard, Open Guard, and the Stretch Guard. There are 6 main areas of focus with well over 40 variations. Many attacks and passes are demonstrated by professional fighters and instructors.


Butterfly Guard Passes Active Guard Passes Active Guard Attacks Open Guard Introduction Open Guard Sweeps Stretch Guard Attacks




CSW Student Level 8

Running Time: 55 Minutes


Volume 8 focuses on the Half Guard, Side Half Guard, and Flat Half Guard. There are 5 main areas of focus with well over 45 variations. Positions, Sweeps, Attacks, and Submissions. Yet another avalanche of information from Erik Paulson.


Side Half Guard Positions Side Half Guard Sweeps Side Half Guard Attacks Flat Half Guard Sweeps Flat Half Guard Attacks




CSW Student Level 9

Running Time: 1 Hour 21 Minutes


Volume 9 focuses on the Open Guard, Knee / Shin on Belly, and North - South positions. There is also a demonstration on the Motion Master that matches the partner techniques. There are 9 main areas of focus with well over 76 variations. Erik was on a roll in this section and was throwing out an unbelievable amount of information. You will definitely need to watch this many times.


Open Guard Passes Knee / Shin on Belly Positions Motion Master Drills Knee on Belly Escapes Shin on Belly Escapes Knee on Belly Attacks North - South Arm Positions North - South Escapes North - South Attacks




CSW Student Level 10

Running Time: 1 Hour 8 Minutes


Volume 10 focuses on Kesa Gatame (Head & Arm), Hon Kesa, Kuzure Kesa, Lockflows, and Chain Wrestling (flowing from submission to submission). There are 8 main areas of focus with well over 70 variations. Control and Submit your opponent from the side and learn how to put it all together here. Flow from position to position and submission to submission.


Kesa Gatame Positions Hon Kesa Gatame Attacks Kuzure Kesa Gatame Attacks Hon Kesa Gatame Escapes Kuzure Kesa Gatame Escapes Kuzure Kesa Gatame Lockflows Hon Kesa Gatame Lockflows Chain Wrestling