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DVD - CSW Striking

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This DVD shows 25 CSW striking drills!

Section 1 shows focus mitt training. Section 2 shows Thai pad training. Section 3 shows Erik’s boxing coach, Marvin Cook, holding mitts for Erik, working the wall drill with Erik, working the heavy bag, and giving tips for footwork, timing, running, rope jumping, and coordination. Section 4 is a quick bonus clip of Erik showing some cool pull up exercises and some tips for the Lifeline cables. Pumpin’ Rubber!

“These are focus mitt drills we do for striking for mma. The older I’ve gotten, I’ve had a lot of injuries on my ankles and my feet, so I’ll do a little bit less kicking. For conditioning I’ll kick the pads, but for fighting I work a lot more boxing now and a lot more wrestling and submission. These are some of the drills that I do for fighting. Also, I have my fighters work this material. These are the drills that they do to sharpen their hands and feet.”

- Erik Paulson (2007)

Running Time: 65 Minutes

Drill 1: Jab – Cross – Slip Combo Drill 2: Jab – Cross – Slip – Get Out – Combo Drill 3: Stand Your Ground Drill 4: Hitting & Evading Drill 5: Close Quarter – Cover – Hitting Drill 6: Defense – Cover Drill Drill 7: Break In – Break Out Drill 8: 25 Kicks Drill 9: 20 – 50 Knees Drill 10: 10 – 10 Knee-Kick / Kick-Knee Drill 11: Curve Knee – Straight Knee Drill 12: Low Kick – High Kick Drill 13: Double Kick Sprawl Drill 14: Double Kick Circle Drill 15: Calling Out The Numbers Drill 16: Opposites Drill 17: Punch – Kick – By The Numbers Drill 18: Puke Drill Drill 19: The Wall Drill Drill 20: The Cut Off Drill 21: Half Step Drill 22: Push Step Drill 23: Jump Rope Technique Drill 24: Running Technique Drill 25: Replacement Step