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DVD - CSW 2014 World Conference - 6 DVD Set

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Hours of training from the best! Erik Paulson & Greg Nelson never fail to deliver, and they deliver yet again here! Check out some of the latest tricks and training methods from two of the best active coaches in the business.

Guest instructors include:

Phil Norman: We are pleased to share the GHOST system with you! This is one of the sneakiest and elusive methods of striking you will ever see. The goal of GHOST is to give punishment and not take any. Phil goes into great detail and breaks down how to "Not Get Hit" in your fights! Very clear instruction from a coach who is producing champions in Europe, and will be doing so soon in the USA. You owe it to yourself to check this out.

Daniel Sullivan: Daniel shows some of his awesome new Dirty Boxing material. Combos and tactics from the shelled up position.

Rigan Machado: Legendary Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor, Rigan Machado, gives some great insight into the guard passing game.

Nicolas Saignac: Savate Professor Nicolas Saignac will show you how to evade and return your kicks the Savate way. Beautiful technique here!

Rico Chiapparelli: Wrestling from one of the finest! Rico Chiapparelli has been working with MMA fighters for years and he shares some of his positioning and takedown tricks here.

Mario Angelito: One of the rising stars of the boxing coaching world. Mario is a recent addition to the group of coaches working with CSW and he is fantastic. Learn the boxing fundamentals from someone who is still actively in the ring.

Volume 1: Running Time: 1 Hour 24 Minutes

Instructors: Erik Paulson, Greg Nelson

Side Control Attacks - Razor Lock Sequence 1 - Razor Lock Sequence 2 - Reverse Heel Hook - Spinning Knee Bar - Simplicity Lecture - Punch & Kick Entries - Jab Entry - Cross Entry - Lead Hook Entry - Rear Round Kick Entries - Lead Round Kick Entries - Lead Leg Teep Counters - Knee Counters - Knee Re-Counters - Up Kick Counter - Bag Drills - 3 Person Circuit - Positions & Transitions - Kick Catches - Running Quick Tap - Frankenstein Quick Tap - Go Behinds - Half Nelson - Twister - Power Half - Amputee


Volume 2: Running Time: 57 Minutes

Instructors: Erik Paulson, Greg Nelson

Snap Downs - Lifeline Cable Lecture - Backspin Ride - Shoot Counter - Amputee Review - Amputee Ride - Arm Control With Legs - Top Leg In Submissions - Bulldog Short Choke - Bottom Leg In Submissions - Dive Roll Omo Plata - Crucifix Suarez Variations - Shoulder Lift Guillotine - Guillotine Set Up From The Back - Half Nelson Chest To Back


Volume 3: Running Time: 1 Hour 23 Minutes

Instructors: Daniel Sullivan, Mario Angelito, Nicolas Saignac, Rico Chiapparelli

Dirty Boxing - Philly Shell - Shadow Boxing - Single Strike Counters - Weapon Based Lecture - 2 Count Attacks - 2 Count Defense - 2 Count Variations - Boxing - Slip Jab Combo 1 - Lead Parry & Return - Slip & Step Combo 1 - Leak Hook Counter - Rear Hook Counter - Liver Shot Counter Combo - Rear Body Hook Counter Combo - Jab Cross Counter Combo - Savage - Evade Fouette Inside - Evade Fouette Outside - Evade Fouette Return Combo - Chasse - Rear Leg Chasse - Evade Chasse Outside - Evade Chasse Frontal Inside - One For One - One For Two - Four For Four - Wrestling - Warm Ups - Pummeling - Elbow Passing Outside - Elbow Passing Inside - Takedowns - Outside Trip - Hip Heist Solo Drill - Hip Escape - Hip Heist Single Leg Counter - Double Leg Counter Sweep


Volume 4: Running Time: 1 Hour 18 Minutes

Instructors: Greg Nelson, Rigan Machado

Pummeling - Chair Sweep - Impossible Throw - Inside Trip - Q&A - Pummeling Review - Snake Pick - Foot Trap Takedown - Lazy Lateral - Far Shoulder Trap - Cross Body Stock - Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - Headlock Pass - Center Spin Rear Choke - Armadillo Roll - Arm Bar Grip Break - Butterfly Hip Pin Pass - Double Leg Bridge Pass - Leg Triangle Control Pass - Triangle Pass To Kata Gatame Choke - Knee Pin Slide Pass - Practice Methods


Volume 5: Running Time: 59 Minutes

Instructor: Phil Norman

Ghost - Blind Punching - No Man's Land - The Flick - Step & Jab - The Hang - Hang Punch - Chin Seeking Fists - Combo To Hang - Switch Hang - Striking Range - Using The Corners - Running Hang - Jab Running Hang


Volume 6: Running Time: 1 Hour 6 Minutes

Instructor: Phil Norman

Chin Seeking Fists Review - Chin Seeking Fists Hang - Hang / Switch Hang Review - Zombie Punch - Pub Punch - Chin Seeking Fists Revisited - Drunken Ghost - The Hang Revisited - Pub Techniques - Ring Test - Lecture