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DVD - CSW 2008 Camp - 3 DVD Set

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4.5 Hours of awesome CSW training! Over 90 Chapters on 3 discs!

Join Erik Paulson and his guest instructors for a training experience to be remembered. Students and fighters attended the CSW 2008 training camp in April 2008 at the CSW Training Center in Fullerton, CA. This camp was documented for the public to see and you don’t want to miss this!

Guest instructors include: Greg Nelson, Marvin Cook, Olivier Gruner, Danny Suarez.

This is some of the best Mixed Martial Arts training available, period!

Be sure to check the public and members areas of this website for even more content from this week of training. Extra interviews, techniques, sparring, and rolling are just some of the things that didn’t make the dvd, but we’re going to show them to you here on this site!

Pick up these DVDs today. They are a STEAL at this price!

As an extra bonus for you, here is a full technique from DVD 3: (Holding Kesa – Side Control) – taught by Greg Nelson.

DVD 1:

Introduction Hand Fighting Shooting Reps Lateral Drill Sweep Single Drill Leg Catch Shadow Boxing Training Protocol Jab – Shoot Jab Cross Shoot Jab Cross Hook Shoot Jab Low Cross Hook Overhand Shoot MMA Guard Positions MMA Guard Positions Standing Tight Guard Triangle & Uma Plata Setups Triangle Counters Grip Training Head Push – Guard to Quarter Position Kick Off From The Guard Head Snap to Quarter Position Under Hook to Quarter Position Submissions vs. 1/2 Butterfly Guard Entry Timing Drill Kick Pick Warm Up Punching The Kicker Chopping Down The Tree Defending Against The Punch From Your Back Warm Up: Teep Bounce Warm Up: Round Kick Bounce Sumo The Bag Curve Knee The Bag Curve – Straight The Bag Straight Knees Bouncing Teep Drill Round Kick Bounce Defensive Slap Drill Clinch Punching Knee The Baby Solo Clinch Pad Hitting Timing The Shot Leg Check Warm Up Midline Kick Check High Kick Check Kick Defense High Med Low

DVD 2:

Hard – Soft Catch Straight Punch Kick – Same Opposite Free Flow Defense Marvin Cook Introduction Boxing Stance Jab Jab Cross Footwork 1/4 Turn Footwork Southpaw Can’t Fake The Shake Jab Cross Bob & Weave Jab Cross x 2, Spin, Uppercuts Jab Cross Hook Bob & Weave 1 – 2 Bag Drill Butterfly Half From The Bottom Butterfly X Pass Butterfly X Scissor Sweep Butterfly X Bear Run Counter Butterfly Pummelling Bunny Hop Pelvis Hand Trap From Mount Shoulder & Knee Trap Same Side Shoulder Trap Shoulder Trap From The Bottom Elbow From The Bottom Side Stock Q & A Ground & Pound

DVD 3:

Steering Wheel from Jab Cross Hook Cross Tricks From The Steering Wheel Rib Conditioning Jab – Side Kick Drilling The Round Kick Covering The Hook Inside Cover To Clinch Sweeps From The Clinch Outside Slip Combo Kick Placement Sparring Primer Guard Hitting & Pinning Guard Arm Pinning Guard Sweep Blocking Teardrop Strike Guard Release Jump & Slide Passes Heavy Bouncing Holding Kesa – Side Control Heavy – Elbow Crunch Counter The Underhook Conclusion