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DVD - Arm Bars - 6 DVD Set

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Armlocks have always played a major role in the ne-waza (ground game) of Japanese Judo & Jujitsu, Brazilian Jiujitsu, Russian Sambo, and now submission fighting and submission wrestling because of their immediate effectiveness. Armlocks fall under the category of kansetsu-waza or joint locks. Judo teaches armlocks as the third section of the ground work kata in 5 different variations. This tape series stresses mainly the straight and reverse armlocks also known in Japanese as the juji-gatame and gaku-juji-gatame. In order to become proficient in the use of the Juji in competition, one must ‘ingrain’ it into their muscle memory through high repetition with the use of a cooperative partner or on a submission dummy. Remember, safety is of the utmost importance, catching your partner’s arm fast is one thing, locking it fast is another. Be diligent in your peseverance towards perfection, all paths lead to the armlock, Train Hard… Train Smart!!!

Kneeling & Standing Attacks: This DVD shows 6 attacks from the knees, standing armlocks, and jumping armlocks. A must for any grappler!

Attacks From Different Positions: This DVD shows a variety of basic armlock attacks from many different positions.

Advanced Guard Attacks: This DVD focuses on more advanced attacks, set ups, and re-counters from the guard. Opens your eyes!

Arm Catch Grip Breaks: Catching the arm is the first step. Finishing the lock is the key. This DVD will help you complete your mission!

Advanced Positional Attacks: This DVD will broaden your horizons to attack your opponent from every unexpected position!

Bonus Class DVD: Takedowns & Re-counters.